American Association for Justice Supports a Fair System

Kathleen Love is a partner in the law firm of McGinn, Carpenter, Montoya & Love, P.A., in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Kathy Love represents regular people against big businesses, health care corporations, insurance companies and the government. Ms. Love is a member of several professional organizations, including the American Association for Justice (AAJ), which promotes an equitable application of the law and supports attorneys contending against powerful interests. She is currently a state representative to the AAJ’s board of governors.

The benefits of belonging to AAJ are varied and plentiful. Members can join with other attorneys in their practice areas, enhance their reputation on a national scale, and receive recognition for winning cases. They can also become more media-savvy and be among the first to know about major trials and verdicts.

Recognizing the importance of finding good background information, the AAJ provides members with links to thousands of documents in its national database and affords state-of-the-art research applications. The organization additionally supplies litigation packets, which contain basic documents from successful trials from across the nation. Members can learn useful tactics for investigating and conducting important cases.

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