Save the Otero Messa Grasslands – New Mexico Wilderness Alliance

Save the Otero Messa Grasslands pic

Save the Otero Messa Grasslands

Albuquerque-based attorney Kathleen Love of McGinn, Carpenter, Montoya & Love has been practicing law since 1995. Since her early days as a public defender, Kathy Love has put her skill as an attorney to work helping Albuquerque’s most vulnerable communities. Outside of her obligations as an attorney, Kathy Love protects the wilderness surrounding Albuquerque through the New Mexico Wilderness Alliance, which she helped to create.

The state of New Mexico owes much of its culture, resources, and success to the natural beauty it houses. The New Mexican wilderness is vast, and home to iconic species that thrive in few other places. Unfortunately, many parts of the state are at risk due to human activity. The New Mexico Wilderness Alliance is a nonprofit dedicated to protecting and restoring these lands so that they can be enjoyed by humans and animals for generations to come.

The organization is currently running several campaigns to protect the most at-risk areas in New Mexico. One of these campaigns centers on the Otero Mesa Grasslands, a diverse area within the Chihuahuan Desert. Home to 200 species of songbirds, many eagles, and all manner of mammalian and reptilian life, these grasslands also house the strongest herd of pronghorn antelope in the region.

Unfortunately, mining and drilling jeopardize this once pristine region. The New Mexico Wilderness Alliance is working against dangerous mining and exploratory drilling practices in the area, hoping to curb these activities before they destroy a state treasure.


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