Four Benefits of NMTLA Membership


New Mexico Trial Lawyers Association & Foundation picc

New Mexico Trial Lawyers Association & Foundation

Since 2003, attorney Kathleen (Kathy) Love has served as a named partner at the women-led Albuquerque, New Mexico-based firm of McGinn, Carpenter, Montoya & Love, P.A. She is a trial lawyer who represents plaintiffs in a wide range of areas, including medical malpractice, nursing home neglect, trucking accidents, and product liability cases. Attorney Kathy Love also helps contribute to improvements in the practice of personal injury law through her active involvement in the New Mexico Trial Lawyers Association & Foundation (NMTLA).

The NMTLA is an attorney support organization that works to safeguard clients’ rights and help attorneys successfully represent their clients. NMTLA members have access to a wealth of benefits and resources invaluable to a plaintiff’s practice. Described below are four of NMTLA’s many benefits.

NMTLA Listserv. Perhaps the most popular benefit, the NMTLA Listserv allows members to carry on an ongoing conversation with other NMTLA members. Through the Listserv, attorneys can share experiences and information or ask for advice. An attorney with a question about an expert witness in a case, the practices of a certain judge, or a specific approach to a novel issue will likely find advice and answers on the NMTLA Listserv.

NMTLA Continuing Legal Education. NMTLA regularly coordinates seminars on topics of importance to trial lawyers, and the seminars all count toward the lawyers’ CLE requirements. NMTLA also keeps records of members’ CLE hours collected at the seminars and provides substantial discounts for members to attend them.

NMTLA Website and Publications. NMTLA’s members-only website provides access to attorney pleadings, briefs, and witness depositions, all of which may serve as a template as a lawyer prepares his or her case. NMTLA also publishes a monthly journal that keeps attorneys apprised of state and federal court decisions as well as significant verdicts and settlements.

NMTLA Amicus Curiae Briefs. The NMTLA’s amicus committee will file briefs in support of members’ appellate cases at no charge. The “friend of the court” briefs by NMTLA are respected by New Mexico’s appellate courts and help influence issues important to preserving a fair legal system.


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