NARAL Pro-Choice Exposes Manipulation in CPCs

Kathleen (Kathy) Love, an attorney based in New Mexico, has a small firm of 5 women partners. In addition to her professional responsibilities as an attorney at McGinn, Carpenter, Montoya & Love, PA., Kathy Love is an active member of several organizations dedicated to protecting safety and civil rights in the community. She was a board member and President of the New Mexico chapter of NARAL Pro-Choice America.

NARAL Pro-Choice America exists as an advocacy group supporting reproductive freedom within the United States. Broken down into state-specific chapters, the organization works to advance ideas and laws that support privacy and choice, as well as provide a valuable resource to provide awareness to state residents regarding possible changes.

In line with the purpose of NARAL Pro-Choice America, the state-specific chapters provide crucial, readily-available information to residents. The New Mexico chapter of the organization easily down the current laws enforced within the state. Categorized into “Anti-Choice Laws” and “Pro-Choice Laws,” briefs provide information regarding regulation of abortion providers, emergency contraception, and insurance coverage, among others.

In one of its most recent campaigns, NARAL Pro-Choice America is focusing on exposing crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) staffed by anti-choice volunteers. The organization reports that such CPCs use deception to mislead patients and focus on manipulation of women, most notably in cases of unintended pregnancies. To uncover these facilities, the organization undertook a variety of measures, including releasing reports of nationwide CPCs, removing deceptive CPC ads from popular search engines, and providing documents from specific CPCs that show misleading information. Other efforts reached college campuses across the country and addressed tactics such as the manipulation of search engines.

NARAL Pro-Choice America’s official website,, provides multiple ways interested individuals can educate themselves to both avoid these types of centers, as well as raise awareness through social media and in their communities.


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