New Mexico Legal Aid’s Volunteer Attorney Program

Volunteer Attorney Program pic

Volunteer Attorney Program

Kathy Love, an accomplished attorney, has been a partner since 2000 with the Albuquerque, New Mexico, law firm of McGinn, Carpenter, Montoya & Love. She represents ordinary citizens who have suffered from the profit driven actions of corporations, insurancec companies and hospitals. When she isn’t busy at the firm, Kathy Love supports the charitable activities of organizations like New Mexico Legal Aid.

A civil, legal-advocacy nonprofit, New Mexico Legal Aid is dedicated to helping individuals from disenfranchised and low-income communities secure necessary legal services. A key component of the legal aid organization’s ongoing operations is its Volunteer Attorney Program (VAP).

A statewide network of volunteer attorneys and other skilled workers in the field of law, the VAP strives to meet the civil justice needs of all New Mexico residents, regardless of income or socioeconomic status. The VAP works in close partnership with multiple public and private associations and institutions, including the State Bar of New Mexico, the University of New Mexico School of Law, the New Mexico Supreme Court’s Commission on Access to Justice, and various local pro bono committees in the judicial district. In addition to finding representation for clients in court cases, the VAP provides individual legal counseling and spreads awareness through legal fairs held regularly in the community.


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