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Save the Otero Messa Grasslands – New Mexico Wilderness Alliance

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Save the Otero Messa Grasslands
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Albuquerque-based attorney Kathleen Love of McGinn, Carpenter, Montoya & Love has been practicing law since 1995. Since her early days as a public defender, Kathy Love has put her skill as an attorney to work helping Albuquerque’s most vulnerable communities. Outside of her obligations as an attorney, Kathy Love protects the wilderness surrounding Albuquerque through the New Mexico Wilderness Alliance, which she helped to create.

The state of New Mexico owes much of its culture, resources, and success to the natural beauty it houses. The New Mexican wilderness is vast, and home to iconic species that thrive in few other places. Unfortunately, many parts of the state are at risk due to human activity. The New Mexico Wilderness Alliance is a nonprofit dedicated to protecting and restoring these lands so that they can be enjoyed by humans and animals for generations to come.

The organization is currently running several campaigns to protect the most at-risk areas in New Mexico. One of these campaigns centers on the Otero Mesa Grasslands, a diverse area within the Chihuahuan Desert. Home to 200 species of songbirds, many eagles, and all manner of mammalian and reptilian life, these grasslands also house the strongest herd of pronghorn antelope in the region.

Unfortunately, mining and drilling jeopardize this once pristine region. The New Mexico Wilderness Alliance is working against dangerous mining and exploratory drilling practices in the area, hoping to curb these activities before they destroy a state treasure.


New Mexico Wilderness Alliance Showcases Film Event

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New Mexico Wilderness Alliance
Image: conservationalliance.com

Employed as an attorney and partner at Albuquerque, New Mexico’s McGinn, Carpenter, Montoya & Love, LLC, Kathy Love represents people who are taken advantage of by profit-driven businesses. Dedicated to helping others in and outside of the practice, attorney Kathleen “Kathy” Love is a founding member and belonged on the board of directors for the New Mexico Wilderness Alliance.

Established in 1997, the New Mexico Wilderness Alliance seeks to protect and restore the wild lands and wilderness found in New Mexico. The nonprofit does this by offering federal wilderness designations. With members that include scientists, tribal and religious leaders, ranchers, and individuals who live in the state, the organization raises public awareness on numerous issues.

To keep its members up-to-date on important issues pertaining to New Mexico, the organization hosts special events throughout the year. A recent event was the showing of the documentary Mountainfilm on Tour. The educational and inspirational event highlighted themes connected to exploring cultures, promoting adventure, and preserving environments, particularly the four-day Telluride Mountainfilm festival that takes place each Memorial Day weekend.

The NMWA Remains Dedicated to Protecting a Symbol of the Southwest

Kathleen “Kathy” Love, attorney with McGinn, Carpenter, Montoya & Love, PA, has practiced civil law for more than 20 years. In addition to assisting her clients in both civil and criminal capacities, attorney Kathy Love is a founding board member of the New Mexico Wilderness Alliance (NMWA).

As a nonprofit organization dedicated to the conservation and respect of New Mexico’s wildlife and lands, NMWA spearheads a number of campaigns to raise awareness regarding specific issues affecting the area. Currently, NMWA is focusing advocacy on a well-known symbol of the Southwest. The Mexican Gray Wolves: Share the Land campaign is dedicated to protecting the dwindling population of gray wolves within the area.

The organization explains that there are approximately 50 Mexican gray wolves known to be surviving in the wilderness. With the Mexican Gray Wolves campaign, the NMWA hopes to increase the number of wolf-release sites in the Gila region of New Mexico. The Mexican gray wolf, known as an apex predator and keystone species, is an integral part of the wild lands in this area, as they help to control the population of elk and deer herds. While their numbers in the wild were once in the thousands, hunting incentives were placed on Mexican gray wolves in the early 20th century due to the influence of the livestock industry in the area.

To promote awareness, NMWA sponsors backpacking trips to keep locals informed about the plight of these animals. Additionally, volunteers and staff maintain surveillance of the wolves through strategically placed cameras in the woods. NMWA also has raised concerns and lawsuits regarding current policy, which prevents the prosecution of individuals who hunt known endangered species. As part of its campaign to protect the gray wolf, the organization also sponsored the 2015 Mexican Wolf Conservation Stamp Contest, which invited participants to design stamps sold as fundraising efforts for programs supporting the species.